Shuwaikh United is a partner of choice to service providers for the supply of connectivity devices and solutions. Shuwaikh United sets itself a part by providing industry-leading levels of customer service and tailored solutions.

SHUWAIKH UNITED WLL is a leading distributer specialized in the supply of devices and solutions to telecom operators, ISP's, and other service providers in the Middle East, North Africa, and further a field. Shuwaikh United is the partner of choice for leading manufacturers with exclusive distribution contracts with Netgear, TP-Link, and Astrapex Technologies.


Shuwaikh United’s success is credited to the team’s dedication to revolutionizing the distribution industry by specializing on supplying service providers as a specific customer base and providing this customer base with tailored solutions that meet the client’s technological and budget requirements along with industry leading levels of customer service not previously experienced by service providers. 


We are customer service, we are... SHUWAIKH UNITED.

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